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At Solace Property Group we strive to help people who have problem properties that are causing unwanted stress in their lives, and they just need the house gone quickly. Whether it’s a Divorce, death of a loved one, bad tenants, out of state owners, significant repair needed, etc. then we can help by sending you a no obligation CASH OFFER today. No fees, no closing costs, no commissions, just cash. We are a group of local investors and we buy homes that need lots of work and because of this we can offer cash and close quickly. Call, text, or email us today to get your cash offer.


Behind on Mortgage

When the bank starts sending homeowners notice of defaults for being late on mortgage payments or property taxes, this is a time sensitive matter and the bank will eventually take over the home and sell at an auction. This will ruin homeowners credit and can cause highly stressful hard times. Don't wait until it's too late, let us give you a cash offer for your home where you can get out unscathed with no closing costs or fees.


Home won’t sell on market

Typically our clients have homes that need extensive repairs or complete remodels in order for them to sell at market value. Generally people we talk to have too much on their plate and would rather someone who does this for a living pay them cash to relieve them of the property.


Tired of being a landlord

Sometimes we see people kind of just fall into being a landlord and at first it’s sentimental or convenient, they keep the house and bills are paid. But after awhile being a landlord becomes too much of a burden and causes unwanted stress to their busy lives.


Loved one passed away 

Losing parents, spouses and even children is the hardest thing to deal with in life. We see many people that inherit a property that the family member has had for many years, it’s generally way outdated, needs many repairs, and quite frankly they just need to sell fast and would prefer cash offers. 


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