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How We Can Help Homeowners Experiencing Pre Foreclosure Due To Coronavirus Job Loss

All around the world, people are experiencing different struggles due to COVID-19. One of the most common issues facing citizens everywhere is the loss of work. Due to mandates in place around the United States, many people have suddenly found themselves without a way to make money. Now, many Americans are struggling to make their home payments and need to sell their homes quickly. In this article, we will discuss what this looks like and how we can help.

Understanding Pre-Foreclosure

Pre-foreclosure is the state that a home enters when a homeowner is no longer able to make the agreed upon payments. It is the state that precedes the home being repossessed by the lending company. At this point, fast steps must be taken in order to satisfy the loan and help the financial state of the homeowner. In most instances, the best option is to sell the home to provide the bank with the money.

How Selling Fast Can Help

Selling your home quickly is a necessary step to take when it comes to managing your pre-foreclosure. From the moment that you miss your first home payment, you are officially on a timer. Your goal is to sell the home before it is repossessed by the bank, which is why making a quick sale is so important. This will allow you to manage the loan you agreed to pay on, and can also help you to get extra cash in some cases.

How We Can Help

At Solace Property Group, we specialize in quick home sales. For a property owner, selling a home in the traditional way can take a lot of time and money. When your home is at risk of being repossessed, time is not a luxury that you generally have. Since you are already coping with a job loss that will lead you to struggle financially, the last thing that you want is to pay a lot of money to a real estate agent to sell the home.

Our team specializes in making as-is home sales. We know that selling a home in the traditional way isn’t always the best option, particularly in this instance. We are able to help you to sell your home immediately because we buy homes directly. When you work with us, we will provide a no-obligation quote and offer you a cash payment for your home. This means that you can get much needed cash immediately, and we don’t even charge any fees.


The loss of a job can be very difficult to cope with financially, but that doesn’t mean that you have to struggle even more. Our team is ready to help you receive a full cash payment for your home so that you can begin to rebuild. With our group, you can rest easy knowing that you will get money quickly and can more easily navigate the current state of your home loan. Talk with us today to see how we can help you to make a quick sale.

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