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Selling Your Home For Cash Before Foreclosure

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

One of the most scariest things in life to deal with is the potential of losing your home due to foreclosure. Sometimes life just happens and we get behind on our mortgage or taxes and simply cant afford to keep up the payments or pay the back taxes. In grand rapids and west michigan there are many people that we have helped by coming in to purchase their home for cash with no closing costs or typical commission fees. This helped them as they probably couldn't have listed their home traditionally with a realtor and afforded to pay the extra fees and pay off their mortgage so they could move on from this home without losing it to the bank and ruining their credit for 7 years.

We find that many west michigan homeowners that are facing pre foreclousre or foreclosures usually have a hard time coming to terms with what's happening and they just let the home go to the bank and deal with the stress that brings to their financial future for the next decade. We provide people in these situations the ability to sell the house for cash as is with no fees or costs to them. Generally these homes need a lot of work and we specialize in this area at fixing up the property and selling it back on the market to a new family. We at solace property group typically buy the homes that need the most work done to them that won't sell the traditional way simply because the bank will not finance a house that is not in good shape.

So we pay homeowners cash, we buy as is and with no closing costs, no fees, no commissions to the seller. If you live in the greater grand rapids area and have a property causing you stress in your life and just want to move on and sell it quickly for cash then please don't hesitate to contact us today for your cash offer!

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